Dear Otto Bobcat Families:
On behalf of the entire PTA, I would like to welcome our returning, as well as, our new families to Otto Middle School! I look forward to making 2019-2020 a fun and productive year. I also would like to say thank you to the PTA board and many volunteers. I look forward to working with all of you this school year. I know we will have a great year because of the many dedicated and amazing volunteers we have in the Otto Middle School PTA.
One of the primary roles of the PTA is to build strong relationships among teachers, staff, students, and the community at large. At Otto Middle School, the PTA is dedicated to being a voice for our children. We are here to support the school in making our children's educational experience the best it can be. It is our responsibility as caregivers to be our children's advocates and in so doing to become an active participant in our children's education.
How can this be achieved?
1) Visit the Otto PTA website regularly in order to find information about what is going on in our school.
2) Join the Otto PTA! It is your link to your child's education.
3) Attend Otto PTA meetings. PTA meetings are our opportunity as parents to communicate with our children's school administration and other parents.
4) Support PTA events throughout the year.
The next couple of months will be hectic for all of us. With the return to homework, after-school activities and sports, the calendars will be full. However I encourage all of you to find a way to stay involved and connected to the school.
As always, if you have questions, concerns or ideas you would like to share, please feel free to contact me at
Jeri Duncan
Otto Middle School PTSA